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Latest information for Area 12C (June 10, 2021)
Sorry for the delay in adding updates. Apparently when the site was being updated, I was unable to log in to update, which obviously shows now, I have my rights back once again!

Regions all across NM are gearing up for Membership Year 2021! Please check with you nearest Region with the programs they have to offer and please, please, please volunteer in every capacity/position you can. None of us have the time to volunteer in AYSO, so we make the time! No one in the Region or in the Area are paid, we are all volunteers. The more volunteers we have, the smoother AYSO can operate!

Please do NOT contact me about Region registration, schedules and such. The Region can help you, I cannot. If you are having problems contacting a Region, please e-mail me (contact  e-mail is at the bottom of this page), and tell me briefly what Region you are trying to contact and I'll do my best from there. 

Please be patient with the Regions as many are having to establish all or part of their Board of Directors. Consider volunteering for those open positions as well. Thank you!

Have a great Summer and thank you for choosing AYSO!

Area Director, Area 12C

Latest information for getting ready to play AYSO soccer (2-03-2021): 
As you may have heard, New Mexico's Governor has stated High School Sports can begin later this month (Feb). However, recreational sports (yes this includes AYSO) still have very strict limitations. As of today, we still cannot have our traditional games and checking around with different Regions most places, typically parks and rec locations, are reluctant to sign field leases due to the COVID-19 liabilities. Area 12C Regions are committed to getting back on the fields and we will updated you as we get them as well. Thank you for being so supportive of us and please keep it up. We won't give up! Thank you and please stay safe!


Are you ready to get back to the fields like we are....steps and plans to do that safely are listed by clicking on the picture below. We must still follow local jurisdictions (state, county, municipal (city). Please visit the below site frequently as it should have updates to it quite often and please let us know if you have any questions, comments or ideas for resuming play safely. We are on the learning side as well, so we may NOT have all the answers just yet!  Thank you and please stay safe!

Each Region has been asked to asked to look and see if they will be able to proceed or begin preparing for the next membership year. AYSO much follow local jurisdictions for now in regards to socializing, group numbers, etc. There is no solid date when we will be able to get players back on the fields, however we will always put the safety of the player, parents/guardians and spectators first. There is no activity worth risking someone's health or life. 

Please monitor your Region's website and all social media they use to distribute information. Please don't forget to check your junk/spam folders just in case an e-mail from your Region may have went there! Thank you.

We thank each and every one of you for your understanding and patience. Since this is such a fluid pandemic we will continue posting updates as we get them and as the pandemic allows. We know you have choices and we thank you for choosing AYSO. 

AYSO Area 12C Area Director


All AYSO activities are suspended until further notice. We are doing our best get the players on the field, however the safety of players, spectators and volunteers has to be our top priority. Currently we are following the orders issued by New Mexico's Governor. New Mexico specific updates can be found at We will update this page once we have more information to pass on!  Thank you!

AYSO Area 12C Area Director

Welcome to Area 12C's COVID-19 page. We want to keep everyone in Area 12C informed as best as we can of a very fluid situation. Since we cover all of New Mexico, there is absolutely no way to tell you what is going on with each Region other than contacting the Region itself you are closest to/registered with. All of AYSO Regions and Programs across the Nation must follow the below message sent out and posted at AYSO's website March 17, 2020. Should you be requesting a refund, you must contact your Region or Program Director (whichever best applies to you). Please DO NOT contact the AYSO office for refunds or when we can expect to hit the fields as again, anything can change at any moment. Our primary concern is always the safety of the players, volunteers and their families. Just as the situation is not easy for you, it is not for us either! As we receive guidance, we will get it passed on to you as quickly as we can. the Area Director of Area 12C has asked all Regions to post updates on their websites and social media. Please monitor reputable websites and social media for updates as well. New Mexico has a dedicated COVID-19 website that is constantly being update and has a lot of helpful website links!
Thank you for your patience and thank you for choosing AYSO! Please, please, please be safe and be well and take care of each other!
Pat Schneider, AYSO Area Director - Area 12C



All AYSO Programs PostponedUntilFurther Notice


On Tuesday, March 17, 2020, several member organizations of the US Soccer Federation (USSF) Youth Council mutually agreed to postpone all soccer activities of the respective organizations. This includes practices, training, matches, and tournaments. The Chief Medical Officer for US Soccer participated in the discussions. The Youth Council members included in the discussion were US Club Soccer, USYS, SAY Soccer, USSSA, and AYSO. This policy will remain in place until further notice. The five groups will continue to coordinate the response and recovery of operations as the COVID 19 issue progresses and determine an appropriate point in time to return to soccer activities.

For AYSO, the following guidance is provided:

  • Regions must postponespring programs or continuation of 2019 primary programs rather than cancelling them if warranted by conditions such as field availability, availability of volunteers, etc. We are all dealing with an unprecedented event, but, we believe that it is important to bring a sense of normalcy back to the lives of our kids and their families by helping them getting back to playing soccer when it is deemed safe to do so.
  • Some families will need to receive a refund soon due to economic situations. Parents who contact the AYSO Office are being referred to their respective Regions. Regions that make refunds are asked to refund the AYSO National Player Fee (NPF), and seek reimbursement of the NPF from the AYSO Office. This will minimize the inconvenience to parents.
  • AYSO Finance team members are evaluating expeditious ways to reimburse the NPF to Regions and make it easier for Regions to process NPF refunds.
  • Refunds will only apply to play or programs that haven’t already started. Players that have already participated in a primary program in MY19 are not eligible for a refund.
  • The AYSO National Board of Directors (NBOD) and Section Directors endorsed this approach in a teleconference on March 16, 2020.

It is difficult to predict when life in many areas will begin to return to “normal”. The US Soccer discussion suggested that a postponement of all activities would exist at least through the Easter holiday. All parties agreed that action was necessary to assist in containing the COVID 19 outbreak and protect the health not only of our players, but our volunteers and supporters as well.

We continue to update information from the CDC as well as links to State and Local Health Departments that can found here:

The NBOD is committed to providing timely updates as more information and clarity becomes available. If you have additional questions, please contact the AYSO Office by clicking here.

The AYSO National Board of Directors and AYSO Office




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